HOLLR PTToIP SoftRadio for iPhone, BlackBerry, and Windows Mobile

-SoftRadios for iPhone, BlackBerry and Windows mobile provide instant, world-wide soft PTT on any 2G or 3G mobile carrier network.


-PTT users can be on any continent(s), on any combination of cellular data/internet carrier(s), on just about any smartphone.


- HOLLR users are not charged per month to PTT worldwide!


- Transmissions are encypted using a 128 bit SSL TCP socket connection.


- Crystal clear audio - the way true software driven digital 2-way radio is supposed to sound.


- Configurable so pre-established "talkgroups" exist or an unlimted number of ad-hoc talkgroups can be created instantly on-the-fly.


- Instantly downloadable to your iPhone, BlackBerry, or Windows Mobile Smartphones and/or barcode terminals.


- Communicates worldwide seamlessly with SiteCAST & SafetyNET LMR/SMR systems as well as PC's and Mac's with Virtual Base Station.


- Speak to a live operator at (803) 474-4745 to download a FREE demo to your Device or PC/Mac.