SiteCAST USB & SiteCAST+: Instantly Link and Unlimited Number of Base Stations, Repeaters, or Trunked Talkgroups WORLDWIDE

SiteCAST USB provides pocket-sized linking for any analog, digital, conventional or trunked radio system.


Features Include:


- USB to PC connection cable for 1 plug operation


- Solid state design and build. No moving parts.


- Single RJ45 to radio (PTT, GND, TX AUDIO, RX AUDIO, COR/COS)


- Encapsulates and transports all existing 2-way radio signaling formats such as MDC1200, FleetSync, GE STAR, MSK, 2 tone, 5 tone, DTMF!


- Connect up to (4) SiteCAST USB to a single CPU for mulit-channel linking & crossband repeat!