Virtual Base Station - Soft Radio, Remote, and Dispatch Console for PC & Macintosh

 - Virtual Base Station can be used as a SoftRadio, legacy tone/DC remote, or full dispatch console planet wide on any Internet connection.


 - Instant PTT on any Internet connection wireless or wired!


- Works on low bandwidth connections such as dial-up and SAT such as VSAT & BGAN.


- Does not need static IP. Dynamic DHCP with NAT OK.


- PC Windows 95->Windows 7 166MHz Pentium - > 2MB FREE HD, MAC OSX 10.4->


- Custom GUI, remote, or console versions available.


- Virtual Base Station allows users to PTToIP on PC/Mac to other VBS equipped PC/Mac(s), SiteCAST(s) and SafetyNET(s) equipped radio systems, and iWalkie(s) softradios for Smartphones / EDA - WORLDWIDE!


-Call (803) 474-4745 to speak with a live operator & download a copy to demo on your PC/Mac. We can also be emailed at: